What You Will Experience

During your unique sailing experience, you will sail, swim, snorkel, eat, drink, and swing into the blue waters of the Caribbean while enjoying:

  • St. Maarten’s only Tarzan Swing
  • Open bar / drinks
  • Lunch (full day) and snacks
  • Stand-up paddle board
  • Ocean Kayak
  • All snorkeling equipment
  • Awesome stereo for music – yours or ours
  • Photos of your day – free online
  • No big crowds

We have a great stereo system. We can play radio, CDs, and iPods. We have a hook-up for your iPod/phone if you want to bring it, or you can listen to our music – we have a huge selection! We love Jimmy Buffet, Bob Marley, and lots of other artists. Diane is especially stuck in the ’80s! On sunset cruises we typically play soft music (Enya, Mozart, and others.) We have access to thousands of songs but please bring your music to share!


For lunch your hostess usually makes Coconut Chicken with Rice, it is mild and flavorful. If there is a small group or private charter – she may surprise you with something else.

She adores cooking and makes most everything from scratch. There is usually a nice Green Salad and French Bread as well as an edible Fruit Garnish. We always have cookies and chocolates afterward. Sometimes not everything is available on the island so things may change.

We would like to know of any serious food allergies and vegetarian, gluten free musts. While the galley cannot handle making several different meals; it is always best to mention serious food issues when booking. Please do be sure to let us know when booking as we shop for fresh food each morning before we sail.


Our open bar starts the minute you board and doesn’t stop until you are back on land. We don’t push alcohol on anyone and believe in drinking responsibly, “to enhance the good time we are already having.”

We have cold beer and sodas, vodka, gin, rum, tequila and many juices and mixers as well as bottled water. Ask for top shelf at no extra cost. Some say we have the coldest beer in SXM!

No Crowds on Our Ship

Check out our Paradise Day Sail or enjoy the boat for the day all to yourselves on a private charter with your family and/or friends!! We can take up to 37 guests but like to keep it to 32. (20 during Covid)

You will never feel like one of the crowd with us – because there never is a crowd.

Do you provide Snorkle Gear & Where can Snorkle?

We do provide quality snorkel gear and snorkel from the boat.

Is there a bathroom onboard?

Yes, there is one available. Anna lives onboard with all of the comforts of a floating home which include two bathrooms or “heads” — one public and one private.

Is there an easy slow way to get into the water besides jumping off the boat?

There are steps in the back and a ladder

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